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Early in my retirement I decided to explore the bird population in the gardens at St. Luke’s. I wasn’t expecting too much compared to my regular routine of birding the more well-known spots in the city such as Central and Prospect Parks, and Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. It was a thrill to discover that our gardens were a small but important way-station for migratory birds in spring and fall.

My regular forays into the gardens have given me the opportunity to meet new and old birding friends, painters, photographers, and other nature lovers. I fondly recall meeting an associate of Debbie [Peterson] who was touring with a garden club. It impressed me when he recorded the first sighting of a hummingbird in the gardens…

It would be tedious to list all of the birds that have been seen in the gardens…At last count there were ninety-four species recorded in the log since the fall of 1992…twenty-four species of butterflies, the hummingbird and Nessus sphinx moths; eight different dragonflies; and myriad other insects to pique the interest of the nature lover.

Last of all I cannot forget that it was my love of birds in particular and nature in general that led me into the community of St. Luke’s where I feel spiritually at home with a proprietary interest in the gardens.

Richard N. Bentley, March 23, 1999

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