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Catherine Ritter’s Vault

Catherine Post Ritter (1766 – 1828) was instrumental in founding the first church in Greenwich Village and was, by all accounts, a remarkable woman. Left a widow with seven children …

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St. Luke’s Chapel in the 1800s

Back in the early to mid-19th Century, Hudson Street was essentially a country road. The only house on Street itself from Canal heading north to the Church’s current location was …

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Fever Pitch

As CoVid 19 continues its indiscriminate threat to the way we live, worship and interact, it is somewhat sadly paradoxical that it was an epidemic that built the Village of Greenwich back in the early years of the 19th Century…

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It Happened at St. Luke’s


Palm Sunday c.1940

Father Schlueter at St. Luke’s

St. Luke’s School – 1940’s


St. Luke’s Post-Fire


Garden Re-dedication 2012

Art and Acceptance Pride 2019